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With Gordon Tredgold:

  • Global Gurus Top 10 Leadership Expert
  • World-renowned Speaker
  • Best-Selling Author

Your strength as a leader will determine your ability to create lasting, repeatable success. If you want to be seen as the future of your company, you need to become the go-to resource, the inspiring leader, and the calm in the storm.

Introducing the Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass

Become a Top 5% Leader 


This program will position you at the top for promotions and leadership roles. 

A training program specifically designed to create Top 5% Leaders who are:

  • Highly sought after and constantly in-demand

  • Top of the list for the best opportunities at the best companie

  • Offered the highest income

  • Known to attract and retain staff at the highest level

  • Able to achieve sustainable success, repeatedly

  • Capable of cultivating high-performance cultures that deliver breakthrough results

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Whether you’re running a business, leading a project, managing a team, or just trying to achieve a personal goal, your chances of success will always come down to leadership. The challenge is that most leadership training that people receive just isn’t working:

Business initiatives that fail:

  • Projects​
    • Digital Transformations 84% FAIL (source: CNBC)

    • CX Initiatives 93% FAIL (source: Customer Think)
  • Start-ups 95% FAIL (source: CBS Insights)

  • Product Launches 95% FAIL (source: Harvard Business School)
  • Employee Engagement (US) - 36% (source: Gallup) says that leadership training is a $366 billion global industry. According to Harvard Business Review, “companies spend over $720 million each year on employee engagement, and that's projected to rise to over $1.5 billion” 


So, if everyone is getting the right training, then why do over 85% of business initiatives still fail, and why are 64% of staff disengaged, of which 13% are actively disengaged?  


All of which costs businesses trillions of dollars each and every year.

Imagine what it would mean to you, your career and your business if you had the skills that put you into that Top 5% of leaders who know how to succeed repeatedly.


As a member of Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass, you will learn to:

  • Lead your teams & organizations more effectively

  • Create an environment of engagement, impacting your employees motivation and your bottom line

  • Differentiate between management and leadership, utilizing both to deliver consistently high results

  • How to apply the MCCL to your leadership role in order to drive higher performance

  • How to incorporate the FAST model to improve leading initiatives, culture, and organizational performance

  • Write SMART goals, define SMART reports, and use FAST assessments

  • Identify what culture is, its importance in your business, and where it originates

  • Attain a deeper understanding of how vision, mission, values, and culture are interconnected (and why they so often fail)

  • Incorporate reward and recognition in driving sustainable culture change

  • Set an actionable personal development plan that will lead to higher performance


  • A Private Facebook Group

    in which to connect with like-minded individuals who share your ambition for leadership success

  • 6 weekly online sessions covering:

  • Week 1

    Understanding Leadership & Building Your Brand

    Identify your natural leadership style & values, learn key skills and attributes for delivering consistent high performance

  • Week 2

    Leadership and Influence

    The 6 sources of influence and how they increase your leadership impact

  • Week 3

    Creating Emotional Connection

    Introduction to emotional intelligence: what it is, how a leader’s EI impacts the bottom line, and how to build on your El

  • Week 4

    Building Highly Engaged Teams

    How engagement impacts motivation, how to gauge your team’s level of engagement, management’s role in driving employee engagement

  • Week 5

    Leading Initiatives

    Understanding focus and accountability, aligning your goals with actionable strategies, how to create empowerment and drive ownership

  • Week 6

    Creating Sustainable Culture

    Understanding the key components of culture: values, rituals, role models, and reinforcement.


As a member of this program, you will receive official Certification from the Institute of Leadership & Management




Receive access to a suite of leadership, management and coaching resources based on The Institute’s multi-award winning online learning portal, MyLeadership:

  • 5 Dimensions of Leadership: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership, Collaboration

  • 49 Leadership Essentials giving an overview of each topic

  • 170+ Spotlights, drilling deeper into each topic

  • 189 topic based, half hour webinars and short videos

  • Scorecard assessments to confirm your knowledge

  • Diagnostic tool: MyLeadership Profile

  • Worksheets on each topic, for group discussion and personal reflection

  • My Careers: advice, tools and resources to help you take the next step

  • My Learning Record, logging CPD and webinars attended

  • Digital Certificate of Achievement on successful completion of the programme

  • Automatic route to Professional Membership with post-nominal letters & Digital Credential to share on social media


  • Develop concrete plans to turn your critical insights into actionable outcomes​
  • Boost your leadership skills to lead large-scale, organization-wide transformations

  • Create value by integrating functions, and enhance capabilities from complex business issues
  • Evaluate the importance of global change, digitalization, and other external sources of disruption in your business
  • Rethink your company’s strategic potential in changing times
  • Drive change in your organizational roadmap to seize new opportunities
  • Adopt global leadership models for formulating strategies and maximum profits
  • Rebuild a new, definitive foundation for a resilient business capable of withstanding any uncertainty


Gordon Tredgold has been selected by Corporate Vision Magazine as the Top International Leadership Development Consultant for 2021, and by Global Gurus #9 on the Top 30 Leadership Experts, Trainers and Speakers for 2020. 


He has trained over 1000 leaders, and spoken to hundreds of thousands, and has been read by millions on his approach to leadership. 


For over 30 years, Gordon worked in Executive Leadership positions for Fortune 100 companies where he successfully hands-on implemented large complex Transformation Programs that have helped to save $350M and improved operational performance by 50-500%. He has successfully led large global teams with staff of over 1000. He has mastered high performance leadership and knows what is needed in order to achieve sustainable success, even in the most difficult of circumstances. 


He is also a critically acclaimed author, with his book 'FAST', being a finalist in the 2017 Chartered Management Institute – Practical Management Book of the Year. As a writer, Gordon has also contributed to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, Huffington Post, and many more; his articles have been translated into 22 languages.


Gordon has an excellent ability to make complex concepts appear simple, easy to understand, often using analogies or funny examples to get his points across. He provides clear, easy to follow and easy to implement solutions that his audience can use immediately. In his talks, he shares simple strategies which help you create engaged teams, high performance cultures, how to significantly improve operational performance, driving top line growth and deliver bottom line benefits.


“Recently I have taken a leadership course called Global Leadership Masterclass 2020 with Gordon Tredgold. It was a great course and the trainer was really on top of the game. I couldn’t agree more on the vitality of coaching, engagement and reward recognition in boosting productivity and driving desired behaviors. Gordon is really experienced and skillful trainer!”  

Saly Lor

Chief Operating Officer at JTrust Royal Bank

“Gordon provided me a wealth of insight, ideas and advice right when I needed it. His promise to help you achieve a big step forward in just a few focused coaching sessions is a promise he delivers on.”

Allison K Summers

Executive Director at Zonta International

“A Leadership Guru in a league of his own, with brilliant insight and straight forward advice which can be immediately adapted!”

Thayalan Anton

Transformation Therapist at High Five Consultancy

“I first attended one of Gordon's sessions while working as an office manager. Using the strategies and techniques he provided for leading individuals and growing a team were invaluable to my personal and professional development. The impact was great, and we have maintained the highest results and some of the lowest turnover in my organization.”

Joshua Crowell

SE Florida Regional Manager at Aspen Dental

“Gordon's FAST approach to leadership helped me to make a massive mindset shift from employee to founder. His patient encouragement, quick insight and deep level of leadership experience has set me up for rapid success I couldn't have achieved on my own.”

Crystal Gregory

Executive Coach and Business Consultant

“Gordon is clear, concise, and gives great presentation. He is engaging and every time I hear him speak I learn something. He overdelivers to his audience every time.”

Susan Foster

Former CFO at NASA

“Gordon, is without doubt a delivery expert who, with surgical-like precision, focuses on removing all barriers to success.”

Sean Charlton

CIO of Contact Centers, Barclays Bank

“I left the sessions with practical tips and an easy-to-remember framework to drive change in my realm of work.”

Connie Sui

Management Consultant

“He is an absolute inspiration to all and engages audiences with his intellect, humor and state of the art business practices.”

Dr. Shelly Plumb