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FAST Testimonials

Chris Beall

CEO, Connect and Sell

I read lots of business books. I appreciate most of them, really like some, and love only a few. I love FAST. The most immediately applicable business book I have ever read

Dan Forbes

Executive Coach

I've spent 7 hours today reading, marking, re-reading, this book. I'm an Exec Coach who is always on the lookout for good ideas to share with my clients. Fast didn't disappoint. 

Szebastian Ohne

CEO, Inspire

FAST has changed the way my business worked. It has helped me motivate my team, focus on effective decision-making, improve performance and helped triple my revenue.

FAST helps you Succeed by helping you.

  • Sharpen Your Focus - the more clarity you have around the goal and object, the clearer the picture of success the more effective your efforts will become.

  • Boost Accountability - Fast will teach you some simple tips that will help you to accept accountability, take ownership of outcomes and deliver better results 

  • Promote Simplicity - people are not afraid of hard work, they're afraid of failure, when you increase simplicity it helps increase understand and builds confidence.

  • Increase Transparency - Fast will give you the insights into your performance that will allow you to take the right corrective action at the right time and stay on track